Book your shoe fitting appointment

We offer in-store professional foot measuring and shoe fitting services.

Purchasing customers are given a 6months measuring pass which means they can return complementary anytime they want, as many times as they want, to check the shoe fits or check growth.

Customers who just want a measure and not buy can also have a Measuring Pass which will be £5.

To book just head to our appointment booking system section.

We are trained by Start-Rite, and our expert fitter Gill has fitted children's shoes for over 27years! It is important to regularly check your children's feet as they can grow without you realising. Wearing the wrong sized shoes (big or small) can be detrimental to the natural growth of our children's feet and can lead to a variety of issues, both now and later in life.There are 4 services we offer:

  • Professional Fitting Service.
  • School Shoe A* Fit & Guide.
  • My 1st Shoe Experience.
  • Autism, BSL & Sensory Friendly Hour.