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Find the best selling children's footwear from Pitter Patter Kids here.

These are the shoes that everyone wants right now! Be in with the trend across the UK and Europe and get that must have next pair of shoes!

Visit us instore at Pitter Patter Kids Independent Children's Shoe Shop, Lees, Oldham, Manchester for our personalised foot measuring service or alternatively if your further afield in the likes of Southampton, Cornwall, Bristol, London, Newcastle,  Belfast, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff, Chester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow then why not visit our website and get free shipping. Shop Now!

Our loved brands from across the UK and Europe include GEOX, Froddo, Start-Rite, Petasil, Lelli Kelly, Shoesme, Bobux, Bopy, Primigi, Salt Water Sandals, Start Rite, Igor, Toms, Ricosta, Skechers.



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