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Bobux is a New Zealand-based children's footwear brand founded in 1991 by Chris and Colleen Bennett. The brand was born out of the Bennetts' desire to create better footwear for their own child, leading them to design the world’s first soft-soled leather baby shoe. This innovative design allowed for natural foot movement and healthy development, setting the foundation for Bobux's commitment to producing high-quality, ergonomically designed footwear for children.

Bobux focuses on creating shoes that support the natural development of children's feet at every stage, from newborns to toddlers and beyond. The brand's footwear is designed in collaboration with podiatrists and child development experts to ensure optimal foot health. Bobux shoes are made from premium, breathable materials such as leather and soft textiles, providing comfort, durability, and flexibility.

The brand offers a variety of collections tailored to different developmental stages, including soft soles for infants, flexible soles for early walkers, and more structured shoes for older children. Bobux is also known for its stylish designs, featuring contemporary colors and patterns that appeal to both kids and parents.

Bobux is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices. The brand's dedication to quality, comfort, and healthy foot development has made it a trusted choice for parents around the world.

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