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Salt-Water Sandals

Salt-Water Sandals | Sweetheart | White | Water Friendly

Salt-Water Sandals | Sweetheart | White | Water Friendly

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Product Details :

Salt-Water   Sweetheart in white - a pretty girls sandal with heart shape cut-outs and scalloped edges. On a comfortable spongy urethane soft sole with rust proof buckles. They can be worn in the water and put through a cool machine wash. The Sweetheart is fully adjustable with buckled toe and ankle straps. Before you put them on for the first time, stretch out the toe straps. Do not oversize.

Features :

Upper - Leather

Lining - Leather

Sole - Urethane

Colour - White

Fastening - Buckle

Width - Adjustable

How to clean Salt-Water & Sun-San Sandals

The best way to clean leather sandals is by hand. Wait for a nice dry day, put them in a bowl of cold water and add a little mild detergent. Using a soft cloth (as opposed to something abrasive) wipe them down inside and out. No need to hang them up, just lay them down in the sun to dry. The specially treated leather means they won’t dry hard and the rust proof buckles will also come up sparkling. We recommend that leather protectors and brushes are not used as they can erode the special sealant. Simply washing down with cool water will keep your sandals looking as good as new! 


"The Original kids sandal remains unchanged and has been a wardrobe staple in America for generations."

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